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24 June 2009

a thank you, a shout out, and a hat tip

Tomorrow I’ll recap the trip to Portland…but today I wanted to send out a personal post of triple thanks.

Thank you for your encouragement.
Thank you for the presents.
Thank you for the recipe.

Earlier this week on my morning walk through the harbor, I came upon a dramatically tragic scene. 
David of authorblog has encouraged my photography and taught me the value of always having the camera with me.  There weren’t many people around…and I was the only person with a camera who was not with law enforcement.

Subsequently the local paper used my photographs on line and in print.  I asked that my name not be used…not because I am humble…but I didn’t want to come up on some google search associated with this particular circumstance.  The news guy has expressed interest in using other photographs I may have.

While I was getting ready to put together this post…I found out David had gifted me with his
Post Of The Day for “the fathers”.  I am honored for the acknowledgment…and I love meeting the new people who surf over from his site.  I have found many weblogs via his POTD choices as well. 

David  is not only a professional photographer,  published novelist, and rather prolific blogger…he is a very encouraging mentor to many of us out here in the world wide weblog world.  Thank you David.

I also want to give a shout out to Dana at Amid Life’s Crises.  I have participated in three weblog book drawings recently.  I actually won at Dana’s!!  Not only did she send “UnCommon“  by Tony Dungy…she also included a really cute bookmark…and a READING LIGHT which I absolutely love.  Dana is a strong intelligent woman who is in the midst of some major life choices.  Her battles on behalf of her son and herself are frequently heart tugging…and always thought provoking.  Thank you Dana!

Last but not least…a quick hat tip to
Hammer.  His irreverent and edgy posts are a cover for a great father and husband….and what seems to be an amazing man in the kitchen.  I have a dear friend from my past in town this week…so I tried Hammer’s  most recent recipe for “Baked Potato Soup” tonight…and it was a HIT !   I will definitely make it again.  The first time I used one of his recipes was almost exactly a year ago he gave out his Vidalia Onion Dip.  I have made this for parties and potlucks several times to rave reviews. Thanks Hammer.

These are just a few reasons why I am very grateful for the weblog world!


Hammer said...

Glad you liked the soup :D

Hammer said...
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Hammer said...

And an extra thanks for the kind words :)

I, Like The View said...

and I'm glad that it links us too!


Mel said...

What a 'full' day.

And never, ever travel without a camera. Good rule.
Good thing cameras are digital or I'd be broke!


I hope all turned out well from the event you walked into.

Dana said...

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did - although written for a male target audience, I found it quite inspirational and insightful!

And you silly goose! You can't read a book without a cute bookmark and a booklight for late night reading!

Sandee said...

Well, there you have it. What a heart warming post.

Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and The Teamster. :)

Bond said...

YAY for you today!

The "Fathers" post deserved the bling!

Linda said...

So you're going to make me do an online search to find out what happened in your area earlier this week, aren't you?

I agree with Bond that your post on "The Fathers" deserved the nob for POTD - it was just that good!

I'm learning to do the whole not-leave-the-house-without-the-camera thing but it takes time to learn that and a few lessons of d'oh! for it to get through!

Travis said...

It is quite the community, isn't it? I've been on the receiving end of David's generosity with his POTD as well. It's quite the honor.

Desert Songbird said...

You are quite the photographer, Miss Katherine. As talented as you are with the words.

Mimi Lenox said...

Your Fathers post was lovely. You so deserved this recognition.

And none of us are surprised that your photography is getting recognition.