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13 June 2009

The Tour ~ Boise to Pendleton

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After watching the Memorial Day event in downtown Boise, we took a quick walk around the state capitol grounds. 

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French Canadian trapping and small scale silver mining both played a role in bringing settlers to the tree lined valley.

During the Civil War.  the United States established Fort Boise to help protect from massacres along the Oregon Trail.

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We were taking our time until the local stores opened. We needed to get a replacement screw for my face shield.  Surprisingly, High Desert Harley Davidson was less than helpful….although they did tell us three times that they are the largest Harley dealership in the north west.  That’s nice. 

One of the mechanics did steer us to
Cycle Gear of Meridian Idaho.  The young woman there was VERY helpful.  Not only did she dig through her inventory to find the right screw…she gave me two so that they would match.  (I was just not keen on one being black and one being silver…it would have messed with my mind for miles.)  AND….she didn’t charge us. (I need to send them a note praising her customer service….)

Geared up, we headed towards Pendleton, Oregon. This September will the be 100th
Pendleton Round-Up where the town’s populations booms from 25,000 to over 100, 000. It looks like a great time.

Pendleton Underground Tour of their historical redlight district would have been fun.  However it was completely sold out. Apparently bus loads of tourists come for the one or two weekends a year they do the tours in full vintage costume. 

We had a wonderful dinner at
Hamley’s Steak house. I could have spent a fortune at their western goods store…but there was no room on the motorcycle. smile.

Photographs for this post were contributed by both The Teamster and myself…

(note: this was the only leg of The Tour with an alternate sponsor…due to regional unavailability of the primary sponsor. )


Travis said...

Now I live with a gal who's shopping gene never properly turned on. She's a buyer, rather than a shopper.

When I read this to her, she said, and I quote, "But why didn't she buy stuff and have it shipped?"


Jeff B said...

Stop the presses. Never mind that the rest of the photos were cool, did I see The Teamster with a Pepsi in his hand?

The Teamster said...

we had stopped at two other stores and they only had regular dr. pepper or cherry diet dr pepper...

but in california, diet dr. pepper is distributed by i'm safe...

Jeff B said...


Mel said...

k....put me on the back of the bike and I'll give it a go.

OHmygosh...I don't believe I said that...

The mountains (as always)--gorgeous. *sigh*

I, Like The View said...

oh. . . I got slightly carried away with the virtual shopping - the jewelry and the coffee mainly! (I'm sad to sad, but back in the day I'd have bought whatever I wanted and had the whole lot shipped too)

can't remember anything else now


will have to go back and reread and try and remember whatever else it was I was thinking about



katherine. said...

Travis: there have been times when I have bought and shipped. This trip I did take a couple of business cards for future shopping. You two aren't too far away for a little excursion to Pendleton...

Jeff: it is always better for all of us when he has his drink of choice...

Teamster: maybe it is so popular there they were just sold out.

Jeff: smile.

Mel: it is a surprisingly fun way to travel. And the country up there was gorgeous.

ILTV: there is the fact I am on an extremely limited income after this past year...I'd love to go back.

Travel Pendleton said...

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading about your trip that included Pendleton, Oregon.

I also wanted to make sure that you knew that this year is the Pendleton Round-Up's 99th year and next year in 2010 will be the 100th anniversary.

The Pendleton Underground Tours gives tours all year long but only offers the special event "The Underground Comes to Life" once a year.

Hope you make it back to Pendleton soon. We would love to have you stop by the visitors center, sign our guest book and say hello!

Janie said...

Looks like a good trip. Thanks for the tour.

Desert Songbird said...

Before going shopping in a distant city/town, I always find out where the nearest UPS Store or post office is FIRST. *grin*