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13 June 2009

The Tour ~ Pendleton to Portland

Although we truly enjoyed the cowboy town of Pendleton, Oregon, I was looking forward to heading out to Portland.  Just over 200 miles away we had friends and family to visit there.

p tour 0220 Along the way we drove by a tree farm.  Miles and miles and MILES of this tree farm.  I have to admit I was amazed.  I took dozens of pictures.  I only included a few in this post…but really it was incredible to see.

Although I had been through the Columbia River Gorge as a teenager, I did not remember the dramatic landscape. Cutting 4000 feet into the Cascade Mountain Range, The Gorge runs about 80 miles along the boundary between the Oregon and Washington States.

p tour 0271 
The area generates significant electricity from both wind and water.  I am intrigued by the shapes of various powerline towers, hence the photos.  We made several stops along the way, reading various historical landmarks. 

Salmon fishing humans have lived in the Gorge for 10,000 years.  It has been the well traveled route for American Indians,  Lewis and Clark, steamboats, railroads, freight haulers, and
The Teamster’s Five-O Tour.

One destination just outside of Portland was Multnomah Falls. 

p tour 0378
Jeff, of A Word In Edgewise, had first suggested we stop there.  Coincidently DOT (Dad of Teamster) also thought we would enjoy Multnomah.  They had visited the falls on a previous trip and remembered it fondly.

Multnomah Falls was beautiful indeed. It is the second tallest year round waterfall in the nation, dropping 620 feet. We hiked up to the midpoint bridge to get the full effect.  By our clothing, it was obvious we were riding a motorcycle.  The gear can be a conversation starter with other riders.  It also causes some rather disconcerting stares.  The Teamster is kinda badass with his shaved head and shades.  However, I look rather dorky…not scary or mean. But still we get the looks.

Once in the Portland area we repeated our established routine, to find a bar or diner
to have a little snack and fire up the laptop to surf for
 tour 0433
We settled in the Oregon City area at a little place right on the river.

(again…photos by both me and The Teamster)


The Teamster said...

I counted 77 pictures of the tree by definition of dozens, you're accurate....however, let's expose how many dozen...

we have many, many pictures of "the tour" and this is a great way to look at them...thanks for putting this on your blog...

Jeff B said...

77 pics of the trees? Bwahahahaha

In all your pictures of the Columbia, the water looks very flat and calm. The wind can really howl through the gorge at times, so it would appear your came through at just the right time.

Linda said...

What a great group of pictures (I especially like the ones taken of the road that shows you are definitely on the back of the bike!). Jeff is right in that the water looks very calm, hard to picture it being rough at all.

The falls look fantastic! I can only imagine how beautiful they are up close and personal. And you're right, the Teamster does look pretty bad ass in those leathers of his!

That last shot of the sunset is very nice, too. Looks like you had a gorgeous trip all the way around!

Travis said...

The video told me I had invalid parameters. Harumph! Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with my parameters.

But I have toured through the area so although I shall miss your particular photographic impressions of it, I still have some of my own.

Dana said...

What fun the slide show was - I just love this part of the country!

Mel said...

Trains and tunnels and big alien guys holding wires and rocks!! Whoa....

I'm gonna haffta do that again!


Ty ty ty!
(I betcha do get into some great conversations--as do we, once himself opens his mouth and professes he's from Alabama.....LOL)

Mel said...

And excuse me--himself told me longgg ago this is the glory of a digital camera....take loads of photos and decide which to keep.

Ummmmm....well....I got the first part right, dangit!

I, Like The View said...

wonderful photos - especially that amazing waterfall, and the sunset is beautifully gentle and delicate

your trip sounds fascinating!

thanks for taking the time to share it

katherine. said...

Teamster: I deleted the ones that were out of focus...but thanks for counting...

Jeff: the tree farm amazed me. Just think how many we would have if we had stopped and toured the tree farm. We were really blessed with perfect weather that weekend.

Linda: Waterfalls are like waves for me. Power and peace together.

I picked up on the slide show idea from you. It surely makes a good scrapbook for sharing. thanks!

Travis: you are valid...wonder why youtube freaked? I'd love to take the bike up to your territory.

Dana: is spectacular.

Mel: we do get into some great conversations. The Teamster is verrrrrry friendly. Alabama...sheesh.

As for photos...on the bike I take HUNDREDS a day. It is easy to delete the ones which are totally out of focus. But for the most part I don't really delete photos. I will soon have storage issues. smile.

ILTV: thanks..the country up there is amazing...I wasn't sure I'd enjoy the bike...but I really do!

Matt-Man said...

I looooooove the falls. Great pics Kat. Cheers!!

Bond said...

Really enjoyed both posts and the pictures and slide shows....what a fantastic trip and I NEED to get to that waterfall

Unseen Rajasthan said...

So Beautiful !! The water fall is fantastic...Great Post..Unseen Rajasthan

Desert Songbird said...

Those falls are spectacular. I love living out west. *grin* Not sure I would have crossed that bridge, though, or climbed that height!