santa cruz wharf

23 February 2008


Okay …in the past six weeks I blew up the hard drive of my laptop….decided to look for a new job….had connectivity unavailability due to technical difficulties beyond my control…spent an inordinate amount of time riding the ACE Train….and then (no kidding) blew up the hard drive of a SECOND laptop…

I have become alarmingly familiar with the Blue Screen of Death which in my mind is accompanied by Darth Vader’s theme score …
(hum along with me... dun-dun-dun duh-duh-dun duh-duh-dun…)

Thankfully I know of a talented and wonderful man who managed to retrieve all of my files…including my pictures….for a not so small all I have to do is buy a new laptop. Not the best time financially to be laying out this kind of bank. Being the technosnob that I am…I want a really good laptop with some of the bells and whistles…and I want to research-adnauseum the entire process.

Since Thanksgiving my three kids (SugarCookie, LittleMissy, and the BearCub) and my Mama have all gotten new HP Laptops…not the same one…but all HP. I had a hand in all but SugarCookie’s acquisition (she is by far a bigger geek than I…her father and BOTH her grandfather’s are engineers…and her J-Boy is rather brilliant as well.) So chances are pretty good I’m gonna go HP.


I want the Intel Centrino….
(trust me….I know what I’m talkin’ about)

15 inch? 17 inch?
(size really does matter)

Do I want something I can easily slip into my bag?
(or is this a really good excuse to get a new bag?)

2-gig HD or 3-gig HD?
(they both have the 250 memory)

Do I really want the ten-key on the keyboard?
(numbers girl that I am)

Why the e-ph can’t I get one WITHOUT the webcam?
(there is no way I am chatting with the Teamster at 4am via webcam)

What about blue-ray capability?
(J-boy says Blue Ray is the only way)

Black keys? Silver Keys?
(I have light vision issues…so probably black….)

Do I really want the AT&T Smart Card?
(I do….but can I afford it?)

Anybody want to weigh in with an opinion of two???