santa cruz wharf

09 July 2010

from Cafe Divine to Bistro 69

Yesterday Rhiannon and I had breakfast at the wonderful Cafe Divine.  We shared biscuits and gravy…they were…well…simply divine.  Little pieces of cheddar and scallions baked right in.  Gave us memories of Papa.

Late that afternoon I had a very pleasant outdoor lunch on Maiden Lane., at Bistro 69.

And in between Cafe Devine and Bistro 69?

I did this.

don’t faint…

I miss you all.

I’m trying to glean what’s been going on from your weblogs.

Since this endeavor was suppose to be a place for me to tell the stories that my family has heard too many times…you may see a couple pop up in the next few days.

Hope all is well with you and yours.