santa cruz wharf

26 February 2010

Blueberry. A conversation with my Mama.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you about this new technology I keep hearing people talk about? “

“Which one?   The Google one?   Buzz?”

“Um…no…I don’t think its Google… that Blue Berry?”
(she scrunches up her brow and does a little head shake)

“You mean like Cameron has?  His phone?  His Blackberry?
It’s Blackberry….not a Blueberry“

(I scrunch up my brow identically…and while I am mentally dreaming of pie….I start to detail the difference between a Blackberry, an Android and the iPhone)

She stops me mid-sentence. 
“No no.  It’s not a phone. But I don’t know why a phone has to do all those things.  Why can’t it just be a telephone.  I don’t want to text.  I don’t want to take pictures. I’m not downloading the top forty”

I try and repress my typical exasperation with this conversation…which we have had dozens of times. My response has been come a worn mantra. 
They aren’t really telephones with special features you know.  They are handheld computers that you can ALSO get phone calls on”

Mama doesn’t  repress her exasperation as well.
“I’ve heard your argument before. A thousand times before.  But why can’t I just have a telephone?” 
I think because I embrace smartphone technology she holds me partially responsible.

”Well…You could get a Jitter-Bug telephone. 
Those are only phones.”
I’m smiling now…laughing quietly

”Those are for old people”
She’s ticked with me now
”Just tell me about the Blue Berry”

“I don;t think there is a Blue Berry”
I’m trying to figure this out
”Do you mean Blue Tooth?”

“Ummm….maybe. Blue Tooth.
That must be it. 
What is the Blue Tooth?”

”Short distance radio wave transmission…it’s the technology which makes all the wireless earpieces work. Hands free cell phones”

”No…that’s not it…”

”Well…okay…then I’m not sure what you are talking about.”

”It is Blue…um…Blueberry….Bluetooth…Blue…something”
she’s totally exasperated now.

”Maybe it’d help if you told me what you are talking about.  Where did you hear about it?”

”Apparently all the DVD’s are obsolete now.  Just like all the VHS tapes we STILL have.  Now we have obsolete tapes and obsolete DVDs and two machines under the TV with the cable box.  Do we have to buy ANOTHER machine???”

Ahhhhh….finally, I have a lightbulb moment.

”You mean BluRay!!!”


19 February 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday ~ Top of the Mark

post DSC_0214

a photo of spy…taking a photo of sky

post DSC_0222 An incredible sunset over San Francisco
as seen from…

post DSC_0244The Top of The Mark.

If you enjoy looking at the sky on fridays…go visit the site where it all began:

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12 February 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday ~ westcliff


All is well….just kinda busy. This is a shot of the stormy sky during a walk along West Cliff in Santa Cruz that The Teamster and I enjoyed last weekend.

I think Tish is still doing
“Looking at the Sky on Friday”…it’s been a while since I checked. (whew…yes she is) Surf over to “crazy working mom” and check it out. There are dozens of other amazing sky photos to enjoy.