santa cruz wharf

28 April 2010


Hey there, my dear friends.

Sorry to have been ignoring you all. 
I am bouncing between being busy and being lazy. 

If you’ve been around for a while you know that this little weblog was originally intended to be a kinda virtual scrapbook and storybook for my kids.

Those who know me in real life, also know that the fight against the trafficking of children, has become a very important issue for me.  It is a fight I’d like to spend some effort on at this time of my life. Bringing my better angels and all.

While I’m going to continue to keep this special place and post here from time to time, I’m starting up a second weblog. 

Yeah, I know…I can’t keep up with one…so the next logical step is to start up a second one.  (rolling my eyes)

I thought about just changing the tone of this one…but I didn’t want the crossover.  This is about my kids and my vacations and a place to open my heart and tell how I feel about some of the hits life sends me.

And I wanted the other one to be on topic. I didn’t want to have to defend my occasional use of the eph word or explain my somewhat unconventional lifestyle.  I’m not embarrassed, nor do I regret any of the posts here…I just don’t want the distraction.

If you’re so inclined…come on over to the “other” place and visit.  It’s not fixed up…I haven’t painted or anything…but you are most welcome.