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23 July 2009

I stand corrected….FaceBook is my Friend

I have been a cynical, often disparaging, totally reluctant participant of FaceBook.

I have tried in my life to reserve the word “Friend” for those with whom I have a special relationship. I have not granted that title to just anyone.

And now…the word “Friend” has become a verb. 

“So-n-so” has Friend-ed you.

When I have been compelled to find someone I actually wanted to connect with…FaceBook informs me:

“So-n-so will have to confirm you are Friends” 

I hate that tone they take with me.
I just want to flip them off. 

Until this week FaceBook has mostly been a venue to keep in contact with my cousins and their children scattered through a couple dozen states.

My kids are all on FaceBook. 

Although Little Missy has been convinced by her novio to discontinue and delete the large majority of hers. 

The Cub and his friends post blurbs about beach and beer and babes I would rather not know about. 

If an investment banking player takes three dozen photos at some soiree in The City and SugarCookie gets tagged on a single photo…even though the player isn’t my “Friend” Facebook or otherwise, I have access to view the entire online album.

(yeah yeah…I know I don’t have to look…but I’m a Mom…I HAVE to look…ya know???)

Some of you all have Friend-ed me…which is cool as long as you don’t get upset when I don’t hunt eggs, send drinks or get in food fights with you.

I been Friend-ed by someone I attended High School with and do not remember or recognize.

I have been “Friend-ed” by my lover’s mother. 
For whom I try and behave…although I suspect she reads this weblog so that ship has sailed. smile

I have been “friend-ed” by the college roommates of HIS exwife.  Although I sincerely doubt either of his exwives will sign up to be my “Friend”…
Facebook or otherwise.

I am friends of my kids’ friends who range in age from almost 20 to almost 30 years old….so I am privy to their lives and loves…
I know way too much.

FaceBook suggests “Friends” which has been annoying and invasive and cumbersome.

And then…a suggested FaceBook “Friend” turned out to be the brother of a long ago time very best friend in my life.  An email later…and her 16 year old daughter “Friend-ed” me on FaceBook.  As a high school girl she has been disturbed by the fact her mother is no longer connected to her high school friends.

And although they live a thousand miles away…it turned out her band was going to be in town this week.  And that five of her ten siblings live here in Santa Cruz.  One right down the street.

and so… thanks to FaceBook…we get to be Friends once again. 

mary post
(however…don’t be thinkin’ this means I’m gonna be playing Mafia Wars….laughing….)

11 July 2009

all hail sanchez

This photo was shamelessly stolen from….it was taken by Michael Maloney of The Chronicle.

sanchezJonathan Sanchez 57 pitched a no-hitter tonight.
First one for the Giants since 1976…
first one at home for the Giants since 1975.

We watched the last few innings on television. 
It was a sight to behold. 

Caught by Eli Whiteside 22. 

Sanchez had been sent back down to the bullpen and just came back into the rotation.  His dad flew in last night…it was the first time he saw his son start.

Awesome.  Totally way awesome.

10 July 2009

Looking at the sky on Friday ~ with my cell (10)

Latsof cell

I always love to play
Looking at the Sky on Friday with Tisha
check out all of her other players