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25 February 2007

Manic Monday with Mo ~ Yellow

Yellow....Fear and cowardice come to mind when I hear the word yellow.

Yellow bellied.
Yellow livered.

Now it would be incredibly easy for me to make a list of people who I think are cowards. Names you know and names you do not. But wouldn’t that really be the coward’s way out?

Fear can be a useful and important sense. It acknowledges potential danger. In the best way, Fear can motivate me to take care. Fear can motivate my strength. I am not afraid of fear.

I am afraid of being a coward.

If ever confronted with a real life danger could I step up and act with courage? When facing a life threatening condition could I take the painful, difficult steps to battle it? Or would I just turn tail and run?

I don’t know.

That’s something else I am afraid of.
Not knowing.



Gattina said...

Just wait and see, lol ! yellow is also a "cold" color for painters.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

interesting thoughts....

smiles, bee

Morgen said...

Yellow is cold to some, warm to others.
Brave for me, cowardly for others.
Embrace your yellow and make it strong for you = courage.

As the Cowardly Lion said,
"What made the Hottentots so hot? Courage!"

Thanks for participating in
Manic Monday
Manic Mo

Bond said...

Fear of the unknown....Fear of the known...we all have fears, they are just different...or are they the same?

Mel said...

There's no shame in being 'human', eh? And last I knew it was 'okay' to not know (though I can't say that's my favoritest place to be).

Personally, when I think yellow, I think sunshiney, bright and warm.
Kinda like the feel that comes when you read an honest reporting of oneself.


Imma ( Alice) said...

Everything, including the color yellow is exactly what we make it by exactly what we think about it.

Good post, makes people think.

Imma InvitingYouToMyBlog

Travis said...

Good post.

Fear is a supreme motivator. And being courageous is knowing when to stand and when to run.

Cavalry officers wore yellow stripes down their breeches - I've always thought this signified courage.

They also wore yellow kerchiefs - well, any color kerchief they could get their hands on really. And these sometimes they gave to sweethearts - signifying the promise of love.

So I see yellow a little differently. And now I've gone on and on.

Stine said...

Hello!We'll know when we get there... that's the good part and the bad!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Chris said...

It's a very interesting question. You hope that if the time came you could be brave, but none of us really know.

Not sure I want to.