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12 February 2007

rambling revisited

I had the following comment on my rambling post and I am compelled to clarify and comment back…

The comment:
I tend to agree with you in most part. The banning of anything generally comes as a result of law suits or insurance claims. If people weren't so quick to sue the pants off of everything dang product because it did this or that...or caused this or that...then they wouldn't be removed. Insurance companies are tired of making pay outs so they would rather see things banned and make us believe they want it banned for our own good rather than the real reason it is costing them money.

Now as for cell phones. I hate seeing people talking on cell phones while driving...their total concentration is not on driving rather it is split between driving and talking. Now look at it this way. Why should I be put at risk while I am driving by another driver who is not paying full attention because they are talking on their cell phone. My chances are high enough for a car accidents without adding the complications of the cell phone. In this case I think technology did us a disservice...and we being human abused the technology. Cell phones are great....but there is a time and place for everything. Oh I could go on about the cell phone thing. The increased productivity...or is it....the employer now gets to move their space into mine. My car...they don't pay me rent for using my space, they don't help with my insurance...but now they are expecting me to do work in my car....I don't think so.....what did we do before? Think about it. WE have done this to ourselves.

Me Again:
I can’t really speak to the laws in Canada…and do not know details of your insurance or legal industries. I can only speak to what I know here.

I’ll buy into the role of the insurance industry. I have commented before on how I hold them responsible for many of the issues here in the US. But in most cases it is a JURY (or the threat of a jury trial) that results in an outrageous settlements complete with punitive damages…all with the help of an attorney or two. People like to punish companies…and love the idea of a “windfall”…they don’t think of the consequences. If the law held the individual who had the accident accountable (rather than the company who made the item inadvertently involved in the accident) we’d all be better off.

Gotta start making paper with dull edges… paper is causing innocent people to have very painful cuts on their fingers. If those paper companies can't make paper with dull edges...then sue them. Force them to quit making paper! When you ask McDonald’s to heat up your coffee…after you have paid for it…then you hold it in your lap…drive away… and it sloshes on you….you can sue the company for serving you coffee hot enough to burn you. C'MON !

As for the cell phones. I should have been more explicit as to what I am objecting to.

I am objecting to the proposed legislation which would make it a crime to use your cell phone while WALKING. I know cell phone conversations can be a dangerous distraction while operating a vehicle… so can drinking… or eating… or even singing along to a favorite song. For me.... having another person in the car with me is BY FAR the most distracting. What are we gonna do… outlaw talking while in a car?

You can not legislate stupidly or humor error out of the equation.

If you work for an employer who demands cell phone connectivity while driving…you and I live in two different worlds. I personally work for an entity (a very large…. hard driving…. well respected, world known entity) that expressly forbids by written policy talking on the phone when driving for work purposes. Not even with a hands free device. You are not allowed to be on the phone when driving for business.

Perhaps being a nurse is different? Are you on emergency call?

I can not agree the technology has done us a disservice…I agree humans have abused it…like so many other things we found in nature or have in our lives as a result of human ingenuity. Personally I am grateful for my cell phone. I have two teenagers (one away at college) plus an adult daughter who lives in another city. I love being able to reach them or enable them to reach me whenever and wherever I am. I DO remember what we did without them. When my daughter first turned sixteen, they weren’t as prevalent as they are today. I wish they had been. I've had family members ill and dying. Praise God I could be reachable at anytime... anywhere... day or night. If someone calls me … and I don’t want to chat… I just don’t answer. If I am on a mountain road (which I am frequently) I don’t answer. But when it’s safe I check to see who called… and if I want... I can call them back.

I am in control.

If I didn’t have the cell phone, I wouldn’t have that option.

I like having the option.
I like having the choice.
I like being in control.
I like my freedom.

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