santa cruz wharf

25 February 2007

rainy Sunday afternoon

It is pouring outside. I’ve started the laundry. There is about 14 inches of work to read thru before tomorrow.

I'm gonna have to make a job change pretty soon....partially by choice and partially by circumstance. Do I want to stay at the same place....or do I want to move on...don't know yet. Should probably fine tune that resume and surf around to see what's out there...

But I am reading about strangers...and I guess writing to strangers as well. More likely writing to myself….but I’ve never been much of a diary or journal sorta gal.

Someplace in my mind I have to think someone else is gonna read this or I wouldn’t write it.

And it is a great excuse to be procrastinating...sitting with the laptop in front of a movie. Wonder if I can stretch it out until the Oscar coverage begins....


Mel said...

Sounds like good enough reasons to put off that 14 inches of work stuff to me!

(but so is having a hangnail...LOL)
(you can borrow that if you like!)

Hammer said...

I notice that folks that move from one job to a better job and never settle for less end up happier and more sucessful than most.

I started as a lowly office temp and ended up taking what I learned from all my assignments and became my own boss.

Best of luck on whatever you decide :)

Travis said...

I say do what makes you happy.

Oh - I'm reading!!!

katherine. said...

mel: how about a papercut? smile

Hammer: I've always been very blessed with good gigs. thanks for the encouragement.

travis: I did..walked along the ocean...and read.

Skittles said...

Thanks for understanding.