santa cruz wharf

28 February 2007

thursday thirteen ~ ocho

desired male attributes
(working my way thru the alphabet....backwards)

Bible studying
Bitch loving
Book owning
Beauty seeking
Baby holding
Blog reading (maybe)
Bona fide
Bad-ass (just a little)


Chris said...

Bestest? Are you after Bobby Griffin? :-O

katherine. said...

Laughing….my impression he is way too young for me…and already spoken for.

Besides….his claim to fame is having the bestest blog….not being the bestest man for me. (The fact that bestest has become part of my vernacular is a bit disconcerning….)

Mel said...

I get in trouble with the Brit ALL THE TIME for inventing words. *rolling eyes*

And he thinks he speaks English....

I'm all for the Band-aid-ing! Pirate ones--or Snoopy ones!
Love me, love my quirky band-aids.

Kai said...

Great list, as always :-)

A little bit of bad-ass never hurts!

Lexa Roséan said...

ha ha hope you find him

Inmatez Wife said...

This one is great!!!!!!!! Love love love it. What a list!!!!!!!!