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10 February 2007

rattling becomes rumbling becomes ranting

I over-commented on a Curmudgeon post earlier today, and the subject has been rattling around in my head ever since. I admit…I’m gonna quote myself a bit here.

We are going to protect ourselves from germs until our bodies have lost their natural ability to resist even the most mild of illness without the aid of a drug we are required to purchase. Our bodies will no longer heal from a cut or a scratch without a trip to the drugstore, two types of photo identification, and a form waiving any and all claims to privacy.

The over prescribing of antibiotics for every little sneeze and sniffle is resulting in rather serious national and international health repercussions which I could go on and on about. Let your body fight it. Or the germs will win.

I am adamant in my contention we are killing ourselves by killing every germ around us. We don’t allow our body’s resistance mechanisms a chance to arm and protect our health naturally. All of these prevention drugs, let alone the germ-killing lotions, breakdown our God-given force field to leave us exposed and vulnerable.

Secondly…we are going to protect ourselves from other people and the possibility of negative experiences until we become prisoners living in a stifling society constricted by controlling dictators, if we don’t start standing up to them now. Now.

Stupid individuals (and those who are loser wannabes) are being used to eliminate the situations which teach and give us (and our children) depth of experience and the ability to learn life lessons.

C’mon. Recalling Easy Bake Ovens because something like five children got burned? What about the real oven? No three-legged races or sack races because someone might fall down? Are we going to criminalize everything which might result in someone getting hurt? Ban people walking around while using I-pods or cell phones…ban it BY LAW? Are you joking me? Because someone got distracted while crossing a street? Prohibit MY choices….let alone the freedom of the masses because of what may happen to a couple of clueless individuals?

Pay attention….this is the United States of America! Remember?

Good thing we didn’t say…

“Oh no don’t get in that ship and sail to find religious freedom. You might get hurt.”

“You can’t stand up to British rule and form the greatest nation in the history of mankind. You might get hurt”

“You are not allowed to get in that covered wagon or stagecoach” It is too dangerous out West. You might get hurt”

Okay yeah…now I am being silly. But you get my point.

The actual laws that are pending are starting to scare me just a bit…just off the top of my cell phone talking…no I-pod listening…no disciplining your children...on the heels of controlling what kind of foods we can eat and where we can smoke. I do NOT want to be protected from my own choices. I want to learn my own lessons thank you very much. Warn me to the dangers. Educate me on the consequences. But allow me to continue to choose.

Please do not be one of those who are being DUPED into jumping on the band wagon of legally eliminating what is "not good" for us. Do not allow the fear of what MAYBE….what MIGHT…happen to give power to the wrong people. We are giving over our lives…all of our choices…our options and our LAWS to those who want to step in and control everything we think and everything we are allowed do.

It is stupidity.



I have ranted about this myself!!! I cannot believe how many scars I have on my knees and elbows from childhood accidents that today's parents want to pass laws to keep their kids from experiencing. I can tell you which one was from ice skating at church camp, which one was from learning how to ride my new bike, etc.....
God help us because our future kids are going to be the biggest sissies in the history of the world.
And more legislation...SPARE ME!
I really agree with you on the antibiotics issue, too. Hey, are we related?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Laws are to guide us through life. Here it Britain, it can get ridiculous, though, like banning tag in playgrounds and playing with conkers for health and safety reasons.

Mel said...

Strange things happen when institutions attempt to dictate 'free will'.

Human beings are a hoot to watch.
I'm so glad to be an alien and a defiant alien at that! ;-)

Kat in Ohio said...

My sentiments exactly. Not only are we legislating our way out of our freedoms, we're educating the creativity right out of our kids. Who decided that art, music and drama were "electives"? There isn't a single career field in the universe that doesn't require creativity to be done well.

Smalltown RN said...

I tend to agree with you in most part. The banning of anything generally comes as a result of law suits or insurance claims. If people weren't so quick to sue the pants off of everything dang product because it did this or that...or caused this or that...then they wouldn't be removed. Insurance companies are tired of making pay outs so they would rather see things banned and make us believe they want it banned for our own good rather than the real reason it is costing them money.

Now as for cell phones. I hate seeing people talking on cell phones while driving...their total concentration is not on driving rather it is split between driving and talking. Now look at it this way. Why should I be put at risk while I am driving by another driver who is not paying full attention because they are talking on their cell phone. My chances are high enough for a car accidents without adding the complications of the cell phone. In this case I think technology did us a disservice...and we being human abused the technology. Cell phones are great....but there is a time and place for everything. Oh I could go on about the cell phone thing. The increased productivity...or is it....the employer now gets to move their space into mine. My car...they don't pay me rent for using my space, they don't help with my insurance...but now they are expecting me to do work in my car....I don't think so.....what did we do before? Think about it. WE have done this to ourselves.