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11 September 2007

better Nate than Lever

My intention has been to play around with my template ...maybe adding a third column or something....and be proudly displaying some of the badges which I have been graciously bestowed. My intention has yet to come to fruition. I figure I just best get on with it. In addition, I want to call your attention to a couple upcoming events and encourage you to participate as the spirit moves you.

I am a MoFo. Morgen makes me laugh with his Blog postings...and Blogtalk radio show. The pictures he posts make me hot. Mo has a golden heart and is well loved by a vast spectrum of the Blogosphere. I am glad that I could make him smile when he needed the distraction.

The "Nice Matters" award from Barb brought an almost embarrassed chuckle to my mouth. I have often admitted that I really try to be a good person....but I am not always a nice person. You may know I admire Barb greatly for her strength and perseverance...and enjoy her blog for countless reasons.
In the past few months I have stumbled upon posts relating personal experiences of Child Abuse. I have read stories of healing, remembrances of pain, and just the briefest mention of a past experience. These posts are written by blogmates that many of you and I read every day. If anyone ever abused one of my children, there would be swift and effective retribution. My only hope is that I would be able to hold myself in check to make the punishment long, painful, and permanent. In the next couple of weeks I will remind you about this upcoming Blog Event.


Mags said...

You're brave to try a 3 column! I could never get it to load right, but thankfully I found the one I have now and like it...good luck!

Skittles said...

Oh gosh! Thank you!!!

Mel said... an advocate for children and one who won't let yesterday get in the way of today, I'm gonna be dropping in on the blogging event.

And obviously, I have some links to explore now--thanks!