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10 September 2007

Manic Monday with Mo ~ Clue

"What was your first clue?"

I say it innocently enough…with a slight tilt of my head and an unblinking stare. Providing you every opportunity for a legitimate explanation. And yet…there is something else… just below the surface.

The implication being of course that there was more than one. Perhaps a series of clues which were somehow overlooked. I don’t think that you are stupid. We both know it was not a matter of needing a second source or obtaining independent confirmation. Could you have made an intentional decision to ignore the information? Is it possible that denial was a factor? I just want to know at what point you clued in

Even a moderate level of perception will recognize my now arched eyebrows as a signal of impending impatience. You think back. Was there an element of disbelief in the question? Was it disdain? The slight murmur under by breath could be exasperation….there is the distinct possibility that I may roll my eyes. You are clueless to the fact that I know there is no good answer….but you make a valiant attempt.

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tegdirb92 said...

Awesome post--very well written.

Sanni said...

Another excellent entry, Katherine. A kind of déjà vu... a situation I´ve been in a few moons ago.

Happy MM!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

great post honey!

smiles, bee

Mel said...

Oh I could learn to be a bit more gracious.
That small giggle and pat on the head kinda lacks grace, huh?

Krista said...

I'm sorry but I'm confused by that post!!! I checked out Mo's clue and am totally lost. Maybe its my lack of sleep!

Jamie said...

Oh My! When I say "What was your first clue?" it's much more snarky. Congratulations on being much more forebearing.

Odat said...

Good take on "clue"....
I say that under my breath to lots and lots of ppl every day.

katherine. said...

thanks gdirb (smile)

Sanni: I think many of us have been

Miz Bee: is there honey cake?

Mel: gracious is a gift indeed.

Krista: its a free for all....he announces a word as a theme and everyone gets to do whatever they damn well please....

jamie: forebaring? yep. thats me!

odat: most of the time I try not to actually say it out loud

ian said...

I'm always snarky when I say that. I pretend I'm Dr. Cox in Scrubs and proceed to emotionally ruin the target of this phrase. :)

Happy MM!


Linda said...

I tend to use this phrase a lot. Right along with "Thank you, Captain Obvious"!

Diesel said...

Ok, now I'm failing your quiz.

Travis said... this the post where I just say I'm sorry for whatever it is I did and I promise I'll never do it again?


Or not.

crazy working mom said...

Great MM post! :)

Here's to a great week!

Desert Songbird said...

I have a terrible problem with flippancy, and I say this quite a lot (sadly).

BTW - congrats on your Rising Blogger award! Well deserved.

Marilyn said...

Ohhh... I like Linda's "Thank you Captain Obvious!"

I'm going to steal it.