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19 September 2007

tagged by a kind stranger's view....

The French Singer also known as "I, Like the View" ....over at "the kindness of strangers" stood in her open curtain and pointed at me with this little gig..."post a fact, word or tidbit for every letter in your name"...she was tagged by "the man whose goat goes to Grantham"... . And I'm only going through the letters once Miz Mel....

k= kinesthetic ~ as opposed to visual or auditory
a= authentic ~ as often as possible
t = true to those I love
h = haven, hearth and home honoring
e = erotic ~ selectively….VERY selectively….
r = reads everything ~ news, novels, blogs, everything
i = intense ~ trying to temper the intensity

n = nocturnal ~ I love the early morning before dawn and I love midnight
e = exploring ~ people, places, how things work…I just want to know're it....


Grundir the Implacable said...


G - Grrrrrr.

I tire of this.

Grundir the Implacable said...

Also, I am not a Dementor!

I, like the view said...


absolutely wonderful

thank you for playing along!

Linda said...

Wow, those are some wicked cool words you have there! Very nicely done!!

Mel said...


You can do the alphabet on YOU next!

*hanging head and going to the corner* bad.......

(I agree with ILTV, though--absolutely wonderful.)

katherine. said...

Grundir: The Banshee perhaps?

ILTV: thank you kindly.

Linda: thanks...I love words!

Troublemaker: hush. (Can you come up words about you?...sheesh...other people yes....but not myself...geez)