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18 September 2007

I speak French

I’m a big proponent of punishing the truly abusive …and frankly, I am not too fond of being fondled in the workplace without my expressed consent and desire.

But c’mon. Ten Million e-phn dollars cause the guy was hitting on you….called you the “B” word and the “H” word (which is really the “W” word for those of you playing the home game) By all accounts the guy kissed her on the cheek at a game…and asked her to go somewhere to be alone…TWO YEARS AGO…but he didn’t pursue her when she turned him down.

And yes….if you work in one of the all time industries of ego…professional male athletes…what do you expect? Did you really think the men who work for the NBA are gonna act like the men who work for IBM???

Girlfriend…if you want to work with the big boys…you better be prepared to play with them…or go do something else. While I am sympathetic to you losing your job….THIS is what you are bringing testimony to? And what in the world convinced you it is worth ten million dollars?

(January press conference from both sides
apparently CNN is putting commercials in front of their video clips)

Don’t get me wrong….
I do not like wife and girlfriend bashing jokes.
You best not be telling rape jokes in my presence.
Do not pick on someone just to make your tiny self feel better.
And seriously.... DO NOT touch where you are not invited unless you are fully prepared to lose that part of your body doing the touching.

Personally I think one of the more shameful tolerations we embrace in this country is that women are paid some 70-odd cents to the dollar that a man is paid for doing the same job with the same skill set. Basically that means if you have one…your daughter…your mother…your wife… your sister… are being paid thirty percent less. And if you have a zipper instead of a fly….YOU are being paid some thirty percent less.

As for the “foul” language....If this sets precedent I am gonna be in such deep Bandini. In my home “Bitch” is a term of endearment.

There is a scene in the HBO series “Deadwood” where a man with vile and foul language spewing from his mouth turns to the character played by Kim Dickens and says, “Pardon my French”

She holds his stare…and without missing a beat…she says,
“I speak French”


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

good answer!

smiles, bee

Mel said...

*shaking head*

I'm still stuck on the Judge who was sueing his dry cleaners for losing his pants.

Just a pittance of 10 million.

Geeze we're a suit happy world.

NOT that some aren't rightfully filed........but c'mon.......

katherine. said...

Miz Bee: I'm betting you speak French.

Mel: sometimes it is vengence...and sometimes its trying to get something for nothing.... I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bitch!!! (hehe)

Sorry, couldn't help myself!

It's a term of endearment here too! :-)

Mags said...

Yes, I actually call my friends "My Bitches"...we are totoally lawsuit happy...

Matt-Man said...

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will insure me of a some kind of settlement. Cheers!!

Latharia said...

Love that repartee!!!

Skittles said...

Frivolous lawsuits like this should not be allowed in our courts.

katherine. said...

Kai and Mags....takes one to know one!!

Matt: and whose bitch are you?

Latharia: smile...wouldn't it be great to have just the right comeback in the moment?

Miz Skit: no kidding...she may have a real grip on the firing thing....but to make it into this...and go for that kinda just plain wrong.

JAM said...

A cousin of mine was a manager of a Sam's Warehouse. On one of his rare days off, one of his assistant managers told an employee that she had a nice @$$.

They both had a laugh. A month later she filed a sexual harassment suit and my cousin was fired because he was the manager of the store, despite his having been off the day of the incident.

Some things get so blown out of proportion that it makes my head spin. The man was an idiot for saying such a thing in the work place, but Sam's firing of the whole management staff was out of bounds to me.

She ended up with some out of court settlement.

I guess some men never learn.

I grew up in a home where my Mom and Dad were ONE. We never played the game where if one said no, go try the other parent. They always were on the same page. My Dad showed such respect for my Mother that I cannot comprehend showing any woman less than total respect.

Travis said...

I don't actually know this story, so I'll weigh in here generically.

If you have been sexually harrassed, or if you are suffering in a hostile workplace, you know it. You know it immediately. And you do something about your situation immediately.

If you get your nose bent out of shape over some kind of personal issue between individuals, then work it out between you.