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15 August 2007

time is running out....

I know it's not a 911 emergency...but have you seen that little contest goin’ on at Linda’s “Are We There Yet?” ?

In true SuperMom fashion she is proudly promoting her ArtMunkey Amanda’s Artistic Intoxication. This online store features her original graphics on mugs, cards, shirts and more. Truly unique gifts or a little treat for yourself. I’m a big fan of little treats for myself.

I wasn’t going to enter the contest....until this afternoon.

Little Missy (who is starting her second year of college) came in dragging and bitching after her first day of torturous soccer practice. Several hours of drills and scrambles after months (and MONTHS) of not doing a whole lot of working out really slammed her. She started the day tired cause after being up late I woke her at dawn. Little Missy was featured in the local rag today and I felt the need to read the article out loud to her. (per Linda this shameless bragging on your kids is required per the parental contract under paragraph 52, subsection 12b) To make matters worse, she is working the evening shift at Orchard Supply.

My friend had arrived just as The Mo Show was ending and asked Little Missy how she was feeling. She came out of the kitchen eating a cracker and said, “like death”. I flashed on Amanda’s Mug with the caption, "I feel like death, eating a cracker". Irrefutable proof that blogging is taking over my mind.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Oh I love this! Real life Death eating a cracker in action! How priceless is that?!?

And a very good job on the required bragging of your child, too!

Good luck in the contest and thanks for playing!