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29 May 2008

sword or shovel......blade as spade

There is not much of me that is part time.
I am not comfortable with the temporary.
I like the force behind the phrase “full-on”

I want my transitions short…and specific.
I want my segues strong…not soft.

I read manuals
I study roadmaps
recherche is research
I like to KNOW.

I do not act normal.
I loathe ordinary.

Now I realize…stagnation has made me less.

The whole “give it time” concept is unnatural
( if not completely unpalatable.)
Patience is what I have for others.
Patience is NOT something I have for myself.

While I embrace what comes from grey matter…
There is no grey area in MY heart.

Anger is my default.
I have crossed swords with the best of them.
Righteous indignation is my powerful friend.
Humor is my shield.
Anger is easier to feel than heartbreak.

However, I made a promise to a man….
and a vow to God…
that just this once
I would not resort to anger.

Not an easy vow to keep.

While cleaning out my “book” I came across a scrap of paper with a bit of wild child wisdom from another time. No doubt it was meant for me to read again today.

Although her namesake became the Lady of the Lake….
and handed Excalibur to Arthur…
(who also preferred to display anger over heartbreak)
to me this wise child handed a shovel and admonished:

“You’ve had too many mountains moved in your life.

You’ve never had to make
mountains move
shovel full by shovel full.

You have just always pushed…and they have moved.

You need to look at things in terms of the real world.

Not in terms of how our lives have been."

I need to ask her if I can use the blade as a spade…
just in case…
cause sometimes I lean toward joel (3:10)
and sometimes to micah and Isaiah (4:3 2:4)

(and mija....what were the eight words?)


david mcmahon said...

So much wisdom, so much power. It's always a treat to read your work.

New job has been keeping me BUSY!

So glad you enjoyed the latest Verse and Worse!!

Travis Cody said...

I like this piece a lot.

Korie said...

I came here via David.
Very insiteful writing.

Mel said...

<---agrees with david

Sounds like something the girl wrote for me onceuponatime.
She's a wisened child of G-d that one...
She knows patience.
And not act normal. LOL (there's a surprise!)

Daryl said...

David sent me ... and frankly normal is boring


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I truly enjoyed this...

When you decide to write (hehehe) you can put words down as well as anyone.

Thanks for sharing

Ginormous Boobs said...

Patience is not something I have for myself either.

Rose said...

I popped over from David's. I
enjoyed this post.

I'm boring.

(Or I just THINK I'm normal.)

Sandi McBride said...

Beautiful post...witty and enlightening...came over from David's he's rarely wrong

Cath said...

This is so beautiful and wise.
For me Joel has to come first - we need to prepare for that - then I look forward to the day (and it will come) when nation will rise against nation no more...

Thanks for sharing. You are very perceptive. What is "normal" anyway?

David sent me over - congrats on POTD. Well deserved.

Schmoop said...

Seriously...I think this may have been your best post ever. Cheers Kat!!

katherine. said...

david: thank you...and thanks for the potd!! I get so many new visitors from you.

Travis: I'm glad. thanks.

Lilac: welcome and thank you.

mel: but your abnormality is normal...for girls are blessings...yes?

Daryl: welcome...and is

Bond: sometimes I just have to...thanks.

GB: rumor has it you can learn it...but I dunno...

golightly (holly?) if you came via david...I doubt you are

katherine. said...

sandi - thanks for surfing over...yes..I have found many wonderful places via david.

crazycath: smile...I read your potd not too long ago. Normal? eh.

mateo: wow. thank you my friend.

Barb said...

Wow.. I don't know when I've seen so few words say so much.

Odat said...

Very powerful! Wow....


Anonymous said...

Nicey C:)

Jeff B said...

What an amazing bit of writing Katherine. Awesome!

Marilyn said...

I've been the one with the shovel and just once I want to swing the sword... that darned mountain doesn't know what's coming.

RW said...

Very nice Katherine.

j said...

I clicked over on a whim and read this. It is so powerful. You offered a lot of wisdom here Katherine.

Be blessed.


j said...

"Now I realize…stagnation has made me less."

Had to re read before I leave. Just wow.