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07 June 2008

commenting back

Not wanting Mateo…or anyone else to “gaze in perplexion” at the comment left on my previous post…here are my thoughts.

At first it was kinda bizarre and out of place. An anonymous visitor in my comment section detailing a theory has to why OJ Simpson would have felt the need to butcher the mother of his young children … leaving her mutilated body and that of another for them to find.

I could tell right away that it wasn’t just spam as Anonymous begins by mentioning what I have said about meeting Mr. Simpson a few times…and watching the entire trial.

Then it dawned on me…confirmed by a quick search…this is a subject I’ve never written about on my own web log. Ah ha…the plot thickens

I fairly certain I may have at some time Congressman, commented on someone’s else’s blog with my opinion of this heinous crime and miscarriage of justice. To the best of my recollection Senator, I have a murky memory of mentioning it on a blogtalkradio show….but gotta admit I don’t know which one. I listen sporadically to a handful…and have called in to two or three. Either way…it’s been a while since I have mentioned any of my thoughts or opinions on this matter.

In my offline life there is a dropdead certainty I have categorically stated my opinion on the clusterfuck of a murder trial that resulted in one of the most shockingly horrific displays of juror imprudence. So…I am not sure how or where or when Anonymous came to know me. And I do not know why Anonymous does not want me to know them. But I am a big proponent of free speech….and I honor their right to do so.

(taking a very deep breath)

I really do not think that even if Ron Lyle Goldman was personally shoving drugs down Nicole Brown Simpson’s throat (or that of her children) it changes the situation one bit.

Even if Goldman was not the golden boy depicted…and even if he was the biggest drug dealer in all of Los Angeles County his crime pales in comparison to the brutal slashing that occurred.

There is no provocation bad enough to justify what happened.

Having done 15-20 in the greater Los Angeles area skirting the edges of the entertainment industry, I can attest to the fringe society that hovers around the rich and famous. The combination of money and immorality (in addition to fame and power) can be seductive. It is pervasive and attractive. You can not be anywhere near the entertainment industry and not be exposed to it.

I have no reason to dispute all that my unknown commenter claims about Ron Lyle Goldman, his history, his crimes, or his reason for being at Nicole Simpson’s home that evening. I do know that if OJS was indeed concerned about his children being exposed to that type of drug culture….it would have been pretty easy to prove the situation and gain custody of his children.

Somehow I think having their mother murdered in that manner….and living as they live now…with their father… quite possibly the man who committed that crime…is a far worse life.

The court system failed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Lyle Goldman. It failed those children. I don’t care what the provocation was.


Mo and The Purries said...

I just love it that you used the word "clusterfuck" in a post.
I think this must be my favorite word this month.

Hope all is well with you, weird spam comments notwithstanding...


Desert Songbird said...

Interesting. I never got to your prior post where this comment popped up, but after this, I'll be going back to see WTF was said. Your response is well thought out and eloquently said. And, for the record, I concur - NOTHING would justify that brutal of a murder. I admit, the thought of someone harming my kids brings violence to mind, but I think there are other recourses besides a butchering.

Linda said...

I agree with absolutely everything you wrote here and still, to this day, can't believe that the jury in that "clusterfuck" - love it! - of a trail found that man not guilty. Were they all deaf, dumb, and blind? Was Johnny Cochran really that elegant and believable? I must have missed that part.

Had Simpson been concerned about his children's welfare at all he would have gone about being sure that they were taken care of the legal way and not taking the law into his own hands. No one deserves to die like his ex-wife and her friend did. No one. Well, except maybe for Simpson now that I think about it. You know, the old "eye for an eye" adage.

Hmm, I wonder if he's still diligently looking for the real killer on golf courses?!?

Travis Cody said...

Anonymous comments annoy me. If you want me to take you seriously, then own what you say.

Mel said...


There's something about justifying the unjustifiable that makes me sadder than sad......

Traveling Bells said...

GREAT post (yes, I am shouting at the idiot who has a right to remain an idiot!)...cheers!

Odat said...

You're a better person than I for addressing that comment....good post tho.

Mimi Lenox said...

Well said and thought out, as usual. Anonymous comments annoy me as well. I don't care if they're nice or rude, they still annoy me. I agree with what Travis said about "owning" their words.

I watched the trial with interest and could not believe the miscarriage of justice either. A travesty.

Anonymous said...

I'm the poster. What I wrote was that I comprehend why OJ SImpson did it, if he did it for what I think are the most likely reasons. I found your post on the ROckchick.

While he may have done it, there are people who saw the whole trial & have reasonable doubts. There were experts on both sides who testified as to the DNA proof-Dr. Lee & others & yes, reasonable doubts were raised. Reasonable doubts doesn't mean he was innocent, but there's a saying that it's better to acquit the guilty than to convict the innocent. Most jurors who acquitted OJ Simpson said that he may have done it, but the prosecution didn't prove it. What's to say that others who saw the entire trial & have reasonable doubts views are less valid than yours? The prosecution didn't do a good job & it's the job of the defense lawyers to defend their client to the best of their ability. I would like to hear from people who saw the entire trial & think he is innocent or have reasonable doubts, because I've talked to people who've seen the whole trial & agree with the jury's verdict. They see it differently.

Nicole Brown SImpson was a casual drug user & it's a fact that she associated with drug dealers. It has been speculated that she had been looking @ opening a restaurant with Ron Goldman, using drug money. Nicole Brown Simpson has also been accused of hitting her maid during a quarrel. Ron Goldman's assoc. with drug dealers are well known (his friends were) & he was either a courier or a seller.

Nicole Brown Simpson by consorting with drug dealers didn't care about the well being of her kids exposing them to drug dealers. OJ Simpson's son Jason Lamar Simpson had drug problems & had tried to kill himself. Given that his son had had drug problems, it is comprehensible why he didn't want drug dealers consorting with his ex-wife. He didn't want his 2 small kids to have the same problem that his oldest son had.

This was a crime of passion most likely-it doesn't excuse it, but it puts comprehension. It wasn't because of her seeing other men. Ordinary people can commit murder if given the circumstances. If Ron Lyle Goldman had not gone to take Nicole Brown Simpson to a drug party that night, then maybe a heated quarrel & double murder wouldn't have happened.

No, Ron Lyle Goldman & Nicole Brown Simpson didn't deserve to be killed, but the 2 victims were not nice people. If this had been a woman killing her husband because she didn't want drugs around her kids, most people would have said that they comprehend why it happened. If he did it for this reason, then it's comprehensible why it happened.

Perhaps Nicole Brown Simpson's kids have asked their dad about this. It also wouldn't be surprising if Nicole Brown Simpson's parents have asked him-if you did it, why did you do it? Nicole Brown's parents continued to have good relationship with him because either they think he was innocent or they comprehend why this happened. I know that my post angers people & what is written is speculation, but none of us were there.

Gene Bach said...

Come on now Katherine, OJ was framed.

Yeah, right! LOL!

Hey, stop by my blog...the last 2 days I've posted a true story about the first of my family to come to the west coast in the 1850's written by one of the family members.


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I missed the comment on your last post but went back and read it, as well as the comment by this person on this post.

Why are you hiding? Why can you not step into the light?

How can you even attempt at justifying this double murder? I do not care what you theorize these two people were doing..what was done to them was horrid.

Your claim that if a woman killed her husband for the "pie-in-the-sky" reasons you seem to believe, she would be 'understood' is total crap.

Come out into the a man (or a woman) and stop trying to justify why this murderer got off...simple and straight the jurors screwed up royally.

katherine. said...

mo: it is a good word for this month. hope all is well in mo's world too!

DS: thanks...and yeah...ain't no reason I can ever imagine...

linda: the whole vegas fiasco a couple months ago was very indicative of what his life has become.

travis: I think it may be possible this person knows one or more of the players first hand...I can understand why they may want to keep their identity private.

mel: me toooo.

S&D thank you kindly. there is some background here we are not aware of I think... not...

mimi: I don't mind the anonymous part...cause it wasn't really spam...

anonymous: you are more than welcome to comment et cetera...however...I am fairly certain that the Brown family keeps their quiet so as to continue to see their grandchildren and for their welfare...not because they think ojs is innocent...without revealing my sources...I just have to say trust me...

Bond: secret identities work for me...however...a couple jurors who have been interviewed think ojs did it...but voted not guilty cause they think there were reasons he should go free. sad but true.

Schmoop said...

Who the hell is OJ? Cheers Kat!!

Anonymous said...


I expect personal attacks & comments such as I justify a double murder. 1st of all, I'm not Black. In fact my parents came from India (wouldn't have guessed that) but that's not important. Many Whites & non-Blacks who also saw the whole trial have reasonable doubts.

Katherine, you didn't say anything I haven't heard before re. Nicole's parents. Of course what I wrote was speculation but maybe they do know why it happened.

He was 47 years old in 1994. Most 47 year old men don't commit murder, unless there's a reason for it & if he did it, then it had to have been the result of provocation for reasons already given. Of course, none of us were there. It's easy to think you know the answer but ordinary people can commit murder if given the circumstances. Black people have usu. been fair in trying to comprehend why it happened, but even many Whites I've talked to have also tried to comprehend, why it was done? A Black woman told me that Nicole Brown Simpson was not an angel. Ron Lyle Goldman was not a nice man as he assoc. with drug dealers & may have even been 1 himself.

Maggie May said...

Gosh... what have I walked into!
No matter what provocation a woman might have given, it doesn't justify murdering her & depriving kids of their mother! Surely!

Anonymous said...

Once again, you predictably accuse me of justifying a double murder. Comprehending why it may have happened does not = justifying it. Yes, if he did it under the circumstances as believed, then it was 2d Degree Murder & he should spend many years in prison for it. There were reasonable doubts in the jurors minds which is why he was acquitted. But why is it that comprehending why something may have happened is = to justifying it? Where did I write that I justify it?

I will again get criticized & predictably accused of justifying violence against women, but I don't think hitting or killing a woman is different from hitting or killing a man for the same reason other than size differences. If a womaman comes up to you & calls your mom a slut & you hit her in the face, it's no different than hitting a man in the face for the same reasons.

The punishment for assault&battery, murder, etc. must be based on the facts & circumstances of each case, which incl. was there provocation by the victim. You must still be punished for it, but the punishment would be less than if you hit or kill some1 w/o provocation. No, provocation doesn't excuse assault&battery or murder, but again, it puts comprehension into why it happened.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Anonymous comments always annoy me too. But the fact that you got haters means your good - only the good have them sadly. Anyway, I AGREE.

david mcmahon said...

Do you remember how the late Robert Kardashian read the note from OJ Simpson on TV, while the famed Bronco pursuit was being captured on live feeds across the nation.

Mel said...

<--not debatin'/defending anything

<--just checking up on a missed person


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Stops by to wave HI

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine:

I now believe that OJ Simpson is INNOCENT. I will explain why & who may have done it.

Detective William Dear has asked that the LAPD reopen the investigation. He says that the double murder may have been done by Jason Lamar Simpson, OJ Simpson's son. You can visit Whether or not Jason Lamar Simpson did it, he doesn't have an alibi during the double murder timeline & Det. William Dear asked the LAPD in 2007 to ? Jason Lamar Simpson. Is OJ Simpson taking the blame for what his son may have done? I think that the book If I did it was to shift the focus to him, rather than his son, who if convicted would either go to prison or spend the rest of his life in a mental asylum?

Jason Lamar Simpson has in the past been confined to a mental asylum for Intermittent Rage Syndrome, has had drug problems & past convictions for battery. In the past, OJ Simpson reportedly said that he was disappointed that he couldn't help his son. No, it doesn't prove Jason Lamar Simpson did it, but whether or not he did it, here are 2 possibilities that I now believe happened. Whoever did it, the fact remains that OJ Simpson is innocent.

1. On that night, Jason Lamar Simpson who was a chef @ the restaurant Jacson's was supposed to cook a special meal for his stepmom Nicole & his dad. OJ Simpson had to go to a business meeting & called his son to inform him that he wouldn't be able to go there. Nicole Brown Simpson on the other hand was rude & didn't call him. Instead Nicole Brown Simpson went to the Mezalluna & afterwards was going to go with Ron Lyle Goldman (who I have said was either a drug dealer or courier) to a drug party. Jason Lamar Simpson being insulted by the fact that Nicole didn't come left work to see what happened. Seeing Ron Lyle Goldman & knowing for reasons already stated that Ron Lyle Goldman was either a drug dealer or courier, had a heated quarrel with him where he lost it & a double murder happened. Nicole Brown Simpson was killed trying to stop it. After this happened, Jason Lamar Simpson calls OJ Simpson to tell him that he is in trouble. OJ Simpson comes there & seeing what has happened, asks his son to give him the bloody clothes & incriminating proof. OJ Simpson puts it in a duffel bag & disposes it. If this happened, then OJ Simpson did commit obstruction of justice, however, OJ Simpson is innocent of the murder.

2. Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Lyle Goldman are killed by rival drug sellers. Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran did NOT say that OJ Simpson did it. He initially said that the murder could have happened in a matter of few minutes & that 1 weapon could've been used. But Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran also said that the murder could have been done by more than 1 killer & that more than 1 weapon could've been used. He also initially said that the initial coroner Dr. Irwin Golden made over 30 mistakes but that they were of minor detail, however later he said that the coroner did not do a good job. He said that Dr. Irwin Golden didn't test the food contents which would have established the time that Nicole Brown Simpson was killed. Dr. Henry Lee testified that there was something wrong with the proof. If this murder was committed by rival drug sellers, then Jason Lamar Simpson arrived after the double murder was committed. Panicked & seeing the horror of this, Jason Lamar Simpson called OJ Simpson. He comes & thinking that the cops will blame his son because of his son's past, OJ Simpson asks Jason Lamar Simpson for the bloody clothes, which he puts in a duffel bag & disposes.

OJ Simpson did cooperate with the police. He voluntarily submitted his hair & blood sample. He initially retained a lawyer to represent his son Jason Lamar Simpson. OJ Simpson must have thought that the cops would blame his son. It can be speculated that OJ Simpson may have told his mother & father in law, Juditha & Louis Brown what happened that night perhaps in a family conversation, because OJ Simpson continued to see both of them many years after the double murder. Perhaps Juditha & Louis Brown comprehend that Nicole Brown Simpson would not have wanted her stepson to go to prison & since they regard Jason Lamar Simpson as their grandson, they don't want him to go to prison, if indeed he did it. OJ Simpson lost a daughter in 1979 who drowned in a pool & he's not going to lose a son. Denise Brown won't comprehend. Fred & Kim Goldman won't comprehend. Yes, it's horrible for Ron Lyle Goldman to have been killed, but Ron Lyle Goldman took the risks when he got involved with drug sellers. If you're a drug seller or a courier, there's a risk that you're going to be killed by either rival drug sellers or people who aren't happy that you're consorting with their family.

Anonymous said...

These are my final comments on the OJ Simpson murder trial as there's nothing more which can be said w/o rerunning & he is serving prison time for robbery. Thank you all for replying & thank you more importantly Katerine Claire for allowing my to comment on your blog & being nice.

I will conclude that only OJ Simpson & God know what happened that night. Katherine Claire, you saw the whole trial & believe that he did it. His son Jason Lamar Simpson is innocent, though he had problems with Intermittent Rage Syndrome but he had no reason to kill Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman.

But I don't know if any of you have regarded the possibility that Ron Lyle Goldman & not Nicole Brown Simpson was the intended target. Ron Lyle Goldman had almost all the wounds & it's now my belief that Nicole Brown Simpson was killed trying to stop the killer(s). You already know what I wrote about Ron Lyle Goldman being a drug seller or runner & he was involved with the Mob.

But here's something else you may not have considered. It's my belief that Fred Goldman is quelling his guilt over his son's death. Why do I believe this? Fred Goldman did not help his son when he asked him for financial help. Because of this reason, Ron Lyle Goldman got involved with the Mob (you know what was written about the Mezzaluna) either as a drug dealer or a runner.

Perhaps deep in his mind Fred Goldman knows what his son was involved with & what got him killed. OJ Simpson would not have killed Ron Lyle Goldman unless there was provocation as I had mentioned earlier & it was over RL Goldman supplying drugs to Nicole. How did the knife get there? I don't know, but it must be noted that drug dealers regularly carry knives.

It can be said that Ron Lyle Goldman was stabbed during the quarrel, Nicole came running out to stop the killer(s)(whoever they were) & during this process got killed. Nicole Brown Simpson was swiftly killed. Ron Lyle Goldman put up a fight as there were over 50 stab wounds on his body.

There's more that can be said, but Katherine Claire, we've heard the double murder as the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Lyle Goldman, but & this will be reduntant, how many of you have regarded the belief which I have about Ron Lyle Goldman, not Nicole being the intended target? There are others who have seen the whole trial (some who believe OJ Simpson is innocent) & believe that Ron Lyle Goldman was the intended target. Your thoughts on this are welcome & thanks again for allowing me to post on your site.