santa cruz wharf

28 June 2009

down by the Boardwalk…down by the sea-ee-ee

I tend to complain about tourists during Tourist Season.  Not sure why so many who vacation to Surf City forget to pack their common sense.

On the flip side, I admit there are some really cool things to do here…and many of them are free.

Friday night during the summer there are concerts in front of the Boardwalk…right on the beach.  From where I am it’s a short walk through the neighborhood and across the trestle, over the river to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

2009.06.26 river view post    2009.06.26 tretle post
The concerts always bring a good crowd, but this week was something else. 

2009.06.26 b post
The Boardwalk and the beach were packed to see the Gregg Rolie Band.  As lead singer of Santana, Rolie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was also one of the founding members of the band, “Journey”.  The band played songs from both and a few songs of their own.

(I feel as if I am about to start channeling an episode of
Bond’s Tuneage Tutelage

2009.06.26 c post
It was a very cool concert and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.  A lot of people brought little picnics…with typical picnic treats…back at the ranch we had to satisfy the craving. 
 2009.06.26 s'more post
Another way fun event was the annual “Bikes on the Bay” Vintage Motorcycle Show.  Hundreds of pre-1985 American, British, European, and Japanese motorcycles and scooters.  It was pretty crowded around all the bikes and booths.  Some interesting, some innovative, even some junk.  Accessories, clothing, parts…and a really great BBQ with Marie Callender’s for dessert.

This wasn’t just a show for garage queens…there were quite a few street worn bikes. Here are just a few which caught my eye..

I have to admit…there really are a few good things about Tourist Season.


I, Like The View said...

fascinating - I especially like the view of the ferris wheel thru the bidge in the first photo

and, I assume, that biscuit/chocolate/marsh mallow thingy is a "Smores"?

first time I've ever seen one!

have a great week, katherine.

Mel said...


Train bridges and s'mores and bikes and LOTS of people!

Spadoman said...

Great bikes. I like bikes, as you know, (I think the Teamster does too, no?)
Those 'smores look too perfect. The Grand kids made some the otner night and they were burnt to a crisp on one side and white as snow on the other. They kept eatiung the chocolate as, well, chocolate and just had an iddy bitty piece left for the 'smore.
Music outside is usually good for me. That sounds like a great concert. In a small town, we don't get many big acts. We gotta drive to Minneapolis or take the trek down to Chicago or Milwaukee.


Linda said...

You do realize that all of those pictures are making me want to come back out again for another visit??

I, too, don't like crowds whether they be tourists or just the locals gathering for the annual fireworks display but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and become one with the crowd.

Gee, do they need dispatchers out there in Santa Cruz??

katherine. said...

ILTV: I am thinking and going back out there and taking some more.

YES! S'mores a culinary treat...I'll send you a couple tips on how to make

Mel: crowds and I don't mix(stir) well together...but for somethings you gotta just do it.

Spadoman: we use to set fire to the marshmallows too. That is part of the fun of it. And I STILL eat most of the chocolate bar before it gets onto the cracker!

Linda: you've got'd lose seniority...but hey...Amanda would find many like minded kiddos here...and Jamie can go to church with me....laughing...

Sandee said...

Santa Cruz is a wonderful place for sure. I would bet the tourists do get annoying, but they do help the economy a great deal.

Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and The Teamster. :)

Erika Henderson-Morse said...

Ok that smore looks AWESOME!!!!! And what a great Friday night concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sad I missed it, but the tourist are getting to me....traffic is ridiculous....I need to invest in a bike so I can get to the west side of town without using a car crossing Ocean Street at any time.

Schmoop said...

Looks like fun. We don't have a Boardwalk, but our city does put on a pretty damn good Summer Arts festival as well. Cheers Kat!!

Desert Songbird said...

So are you or are you NOT inviting me to play tourist in your town? Make up your mind, would ya?

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

That is very cool that you can be so close...

LOL on channeling me...

cool bikes...I love that they are street-worn...

Anonymous said...

mmm. I love Smores. I'll bet the concert was awesome. The city I just left 3 years ago had fabulous free concerts and I miss them something awful.

Found you through Sandee at Comedy Plus.

Mimi Lenox said...

Now I want a smores.
Please don't channel Vinny.

Jeff B said...

This makes me miss the bay area all over again.

Looks like bunch of fun going on 'round there.

dadshouse said...

Sounds like a fun concert. And that smore looks super good.

Travis Cody said...

I haven't been to a straight motorcycle show. That looks really cool.

Mimi Lenox said...

Back for more smores....thank you.
I'll just be going now.