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23 September 2010

Irish eyes a-smilin’


Just about a week ago, my Mama Maggie gracefully and peacefully took her last breath and went home to God.

We are doing okay.  It was not unexpected.

More later.


Mike Golch said...

I Celebrate her going home to God,I morn your lose.

Sandee said...

I'm so very sorry Katherine. So very sorry.

You and yours will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Big hug honey. :)

Travis Cody said...

I hope you are doing well dear Lady.

english inukshuk said...

many hugs and much sympathy, dear katherine.

my thoughts are with you


(also known as I,LTV)

Mel said...

(((((((((( katherine ))))))))))))

Dana said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Maggie Moo said...

Oh Katherine-I am so very sorry. Even though it was not unexpected, it just breaks my heart.

My thoughts are with you.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Was thinking of you today and going to send a message...then you posted this...HUGS to you all

Linda said...

Unexpected or not it leaves a gaping hole in your heart.

My sincerest condolences to you and your family and I'm sending you a very big hug from the East Coast.

Peace, my friend.

Jeff B said...

I know she'd been in a long battle. I hope the comfort of knowing she's with the Lord will help ease the pain of losing her.

Desert Songbird said...

She's at peace and no longer suffering. She fought the good fight, and now she's earned her reward.

May you find peace, my friend. It hurts, I know, but peace can come.

Zane D. Clark said...

Thinking of you.

Thankful for your Mother.

Thanking God for His grace.

SierraSnowSoaps said...

I know how much you are going to miss her...I hope each day gets a little easier.
Many thoughts and prayers coming your way, especially this weekend.
See you in a couple of weeks.
Michelle in NV

Mel said...

I'm totally inadquate to the task of saying to you what my heart feels for you.
But I needed to let you know it matters to me that there's this empty space and a hurt in your heart.

((((((((((( katherine ))))))))))))

Nope--that doesn't say what my heart feels for you....but it's closer than the silent hug.

*sending peacefilled loving thoughts to all of you*

And a bushel of gratitude to my Maker for taking such good care of her while she was on loan to all of us whose lifes she touched.

Spadoman said...

My thoiughts are with you and the family.

Peace to all.

david mcmahon said...

I wish you strength.