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10 December 2007


I thank you for the warm thoughts, hugs, prayers, laughter, and encouragement.

Bring my better Angel !!!
(I so need to remember this…maybe I outta have it tattooed on the back of my hand…would I hafta pay royalties???)

I've known for a few days but I didn't tell my daughter until yesterday cause she had events in her life I didn't want to impact. My sister and I are not yet in tandem about the whole situation and once again at odds over the various Christmas events and celebrations.

I tend to write on paper intense thoughts...good and not so good...but rarely post them. Just about 98% of what I wrote was straight from our conversation. Yesterday was more intense…even for me….I needed to dissipate my emotion before I went to my folks to decorate their tree....and besides…I would have felt a bit of if I had not been honest with you all.

Yes…this path is familiar…at each step I need to make the choice how I handle it. I’d just really like to end up in the same place….smile.


Mel said...

Pen to paper--there's this s*** filter in my elbow, methinks. I get to the truth about what's up with Mel in rather quick order.

Yaknow....I'm honoured that you opted to share all that with us.

As one who sucks at allowing that to happen (cuz I try desperately to have ME in order before giving away the 'stuff') it genuinely IS an honour when someone else hands it over so gracefully and honestly (though I doubt you think you did it with an ounce of dignity and grace....).
I appreciate the candor about where your feet are today, katherine.

I got me some more learnin' to do......

*hugs and prayers*

Travis said...

That's what a blog is for. It's not about's about you.

Find peace.

Bond said...


Mimi Lenox said...

Well said, Travis.