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13 December 2007

I love George

I love George. This man is brilliant. I would love to work for any organization he heads up.

Actually…I want him to be President. Just skip the time, effort and billions of dollars it’ll take to get us through the caucuses and primaries and put this man at the helm.

Read the report and findings.

Watch the coverage.

Selig to hold press confrence at 1:30pm (4:30 eastern)

more to follow…
(by the way...I didn't take this picture...I stole it from I am gonna print it out and carry it in my wallet....with a big puffy pink heart!)


Mel said...

WOW that was some 'summary'.

Mel said...

And why is there suddenly a big red 'B' showing up next to all the names?

Roger said...

I heard you want to date him.

katherine. said...

Mel: the "B" is for Blogger...we are being branded.

Roger: I never said DATE...laughing

Mimi Lenox said...

A Blog Grand Jury in your other post and now we are being "branded??"
Big Blog Brother is watching I suppose...