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31 December 2007

manic monday with mo ~ key

The Manic Monday with Mo word is “key

Is the key to keep your mouth shut…or is the key to just put it out there and own it? To paraphrase ILTV...what is the value of something destroyed by honesty?

“wading thru my stream of consciousness…” is (one of) my guilty little secrets. “Hello my name is katherine…and I am a blogger” **rolling my eyes**

Last night on the New Year’s Adam edition of the
award winning blogtalk radio show Turnbaby Talks…I pondered the age old question…”at what point do you let ‘him’ read your blog?”

Until now…just about no one (let alone The Teamster) from my brick and mortar life reads my weblog. Why? I dunno. My little weblog periodically serves as a destination point for the rants that swirl around in my head. It is my virtual scrapbook. My blog captures stories I tell over and over…and stories I’ve never ever told. I am selfish. I certainly don’t want to defend or debate what I throw up here.

I’ll admit I conducted a bit of a test.
A test for The Teamster in two parts.

Part one:

“How’s his sense of humor?”
(aka Will he be offended by mine?)
While listening to the latest MattMan offering “Free Rice” I figured the entire YouTube offering of Bagwine Man would be the perfect way to judge. If he thinks Mateo is funny….and doesn’t freak out over the content…he’ll pass.

Part two:

“Let’s just see how clever The Teamster really is”
After all he DID inadvertently send me not only his rafting pictures…but access to a whole bunch of OTHER pictures he surely did not intend for me to see. And when asked…he blurted out the name of his Mother’s blog…which of course resulted in my reading vignettes I’m fairly certain were for family consumption only.

So I sent The Teamster to
Bagwine Man on YouTube to listen to Free Rice. I mentioned he might enjoy some of Mateo’s other songs. I didn’t mention anyone’s blog. And I waited to see how it would all play out. Sure enough…he noted I’m one of Bagwine’s subscribers…then he found Matt’s blog…and then he found mine. In no time at all…he showed up on my weblog site meter. (and he thinks Mateo is a funny boy)

Apparently I have a new lurker on my weblog…

everyone say hello to The Teamster.

perhaps honesty is key.


Odat said...

Veryyyyy interesting!!!!!

and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours!

Odat said...

p.s. Hiya Teamster!

Jamie said...

Hi There Teamster whoever you may be. Happy Hogmanay to all and may your new years be filled with joy.

Jeff B said...

Hey, am I being metered here?

Oooh, that feels weird.

Here's a shout out to the Teamster!

As you know, my whole family reads my blog. Well almost everybody, I think my next oldest brother Mark is 'too cool' to read it or at least to admit that he has. Anyway I've always believed in being transparent. I am who I am. I don't go out of my way to irritate people, but I also don't want to hold back what makes me unique.

Happy New Year Katherine.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Hello Teamster. How cool this is. Have a great MM and a very Happy New Year Katherine. :)

Matt-Man said...

Ha...I am glad that I may have been the key to a successful relationship for you. However, I am saddened that it wasn't with me. Boo Yah, Cheers, and Happy New Year!! Good luck my friend.

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh what a brave girl you are. This post really hit home. The question "What is the value of something destroyed by honesty?".....just WOW. I've pondered that myself lately. And had to deal with it.

Do you "own it" as you say.....which is what I want to do in every aspect of my life...or do you hide what you own so that the unsolicited judgments of others (who don't really understand the blogworld or free consciousness writing) don't cause you to censor. I've often said "I write what spills from my pen" and that is what I sense here, on your blog, as well. That is a gift, Katherine. A true part of who you are and what you're about. WE are all the richer for it.

Your experiement with The Teamster is telling. Oh, how lucky you are, that he has "passed the test" to speak. If he can survive Matt-Man he can survive anything (no offense, know I love your wackiness).

I think you are very brave and what a clever way to introduce him to your blog.

Saying hello to The Teamster. Just so ya know, Mr. are one lucky guy.
She is priceless.

But I'll bet you knew that.

Travis said...


There are some things that are for me...and I'm not concerned about whether that's selfish. I need an outlet for whatever.

My family doesn't know about my blog, and that is by design. Pam is aware of it and may read if she chooses...yet she chooses not to.

I guess it's up to the blogger.

Hi Teamster!

Best wishes for you in 2008!

tegdirb92 said...

Hi Teamster!! Have a wonderful New Year!!

crazy working mom said...

Hello Teamster. :)

Mel said...


Hullo Mr. Teamster.

We'll know if HE passes when he says something witty.

Oh, ya didn't think it was all about HIM, didya? LOL

Mel said...

Happy New Year!!

(to both of ya...LOL)

Oswegan said...

Happy New Year.


Desert Songbird said...

See? People have a way of finding us, regardless of what precautions we think. Perhaps it's not a bad thing. Then again...


Good luck on this one, Katherine. Anyone who can appreciate Mateo is definitely worth consideration.

The Teamster said...

so,,,,and I say that with a smile,,,The Teamster attempts to comment without saying too much. It is true I gave out too much information earlier. I'm glad I didn't accidentally send any of my nude photos.

I really enjoy the songs and humor of bagwine man. There is little that offends me. Teamsters are thick skinned.

All I ask of each of you is to remember that I'm ony a simple Teamster who is a "virgin" to the blog world; so please be gentle.

I wish everyone a happy new year.

Mine was perfect.

The Teamster

Bond said...

Dear Katherine:
WOOOO...letting someone know about your blog means you have an interest in that person....and to think the light went off as you listened to / spoke with Turn and i makes me smile ...bwahahahahahaha
So, the Teamster thinks Matty-boy is funny... NOW, what will he think of Doc? LOLOLOLOL

Dear Teamster: Our friend Katherine is a very special lady as I am sure you have realized...Yes, sending the nude pictures might have been a mistake....LOL....We always treat "virgins" with kid gloves, but after your second comment you will no longer be a virgin...Welcome to our little world...


Casdok said...

Isnt the blogging world interesting!
Happy new year!

katherine. said...

thanks for all the kind year's wishes...and the saying hey to The Teamster.

Marilyn said...

So you aren't going to post any nude photos of The Teamster?

Everybody in my real life knows about my blog. Only a few read, and sporadically. I think the "all Marilyn, all the time," channel is a lot more interesting to people who don't actually know me...

Well, and nobody at church knows about my blog. You don't just walk up to people and say, "hey I have a blog too". All this stuff will probably come back to haunt me when I'm famous.

The Teamster said...

Hello again pro bloggers. According to bond, I'm no longer a "virgin"(are we really only a virgin once?), but I feel the need to be careful with my information. I've created a "code" for my mom's blog. I'm unsure of the level of sophistication needed (remember, I'm a simple teamster). I'm going to post a sample message on this site with the hope that some of you will attempt to break the code. I'm not paranoid....just being very, very, very careful.

b d b x b y k h i u k r z x c v p g d k c s

thank you for any and all attempts and we'll see if I need to adjust "the code"

The Teamster

by the way...Marilyn, my nudes are for sale on my website.