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27 December 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ just dwelling

Over the hills and through the woods to daughter’s house we did go. Thirteen random thoughts on a whole new Christmas Experience.

1. For all my concerns, anxiety and complaining…we are very blessed indeed. I do not want to lose track of the fact that our lives have so much more than many others on this planet. I never want to forget to be grateful for all we have…especially for each other.

2. Sweetest moment: When asked what he wanted for Christmas dinner the boyfriend said he wanted a Cherry Pie. So on Christmas eve my Mama taught my daughter how to make a Cherry Pie. After Christmas dinner everyone was raving how delicious it was….when the boy realized she wasn’t eating…and asked if she wanted some of his. He didn’t know until then my daughter doesn’t even like Cherry Pie.

3. In an effort to accommodate everyone who came for Christmas the following choices were available for adding to your coffee: half and half, whole milk, lowfat 2%milk, lactaid non-fat milk, lactose free 2% milk, original coffee mate powder, eggnog, bourbon and brandy.

4. My daughter really is a great cook. She used recipes from her Mama….her Gammer Kay…and a couple of her Great Grammas…and added some of her own.

5. The Wii games are really kinda fun….as long as you are playing up against someone of equal experience. Playing with the 17 year old can be rather depressing.

6. My sister and I managed to get along…tippytoetippytoe…not an eggshell was broken…

7. My daughter started saying… “do it my SELF Mommy…do it my SELF” at two. She’s still saying it.
(picture me…my Mama…and the boy’s mother hovering just outside the kitchen…asking…”anything I can do?” “do you want me to do something” “need any help with [fillintheblank]” It is SO hard to relinquish control.)

8. The “kissy face” and “hey baby” slobbering is really cute the first day…and totally nauseating by the third.

9. The amount of orange stuff my daughter has in her kitchen is rather unbelievable.

10. I just realized I didn’t get ANY new paperweights…I’m not sure that has happened in the past twenty years…

11. To see various, books, trinkets, et cetera that I have given to my daughter over the past twenty-six years arranged in a home of her own is alarmingly emotional.

12. I can get along with just about anyone if I actually want to. (I’m just so rarely motivated to do so) And I was a tad worried about meeting the boyfriend’s mom…turns out for no good reason. The morning after Christmas we were the only two awake….sitting there on the sofa…drinking coffee….giving syrup laden compliments to each other about the respective offspring. And then she mentions what she had said to her son about me …”I don’t know what you were talking about…she is so normal” (wtf???)

13. The bestest gift…was from my daughter and her beau. A little piece of paper in a great big box. She is taking me to see the cirque du soleil show “Love” with all the Beatles Music AND to the Star Trek Museum. Way cool…but the very Very VERY bestest part is two whole days just the two of us! (it made me cry…just a little…) I have no doubt you will be subjected to a post or two about it all.


Lori said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday...that was so sweet about the Cherry Pie. He is a lucky guy:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Linda said...

Sounds like a fantastic Christmas and I am totally jealous in regards to the TV that you got to play Guitar Hero on!

I think that going to our grown children's home is always going to be a bit of a shocker, isn't it?

Jeff B said...

See, you managed to have all those wonderful memories made, and none of them were while watching "The Sound of Music"!

Sounds like good times were had by all.

Mel said...

k......made we weepy, the girl unselfishly making the pie, Gramma Kay teachin' her....

But number 12--I TOTALLY get. LOL
(consider it a compliment--I do!)

It's HUGELY emotionally weird to see all that stuff you've given the kiddo in your life sprinkled about in her own home.
And wooooohooo for girl's day out!

You done yourself proud with that one, yaknow!

Travis said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday.

Latharia said...

Wow! That just sounds like a wonderful Christmas experience on so many levels!!!

Kat in Ohio said...

What a great Christmas! I surrendered the holidays to daughter this year too, isn't it amazingly hard? Can we both say "control freak"?

Matt-Man said...

Great post Kat, and I'm guessing you opted for the bourbon in your coffee. Cheers!!

Odat said...

Big AWWWWW....and laughing about all the "stuff" for the coffee!

Leighann said...

This year marked my first time as Christmas Hostess for my family! I learned all of my obsessive compulsive tendancies and control freak ways from my Mother, surprisingly enough, she stayed out of my way!

And, oh my gawd! I *love* the orange stuff in the kitchen!

katherine. said...

Lori: he is a VERY lucky

Linda: quite the shocker...good call on the game....

Jeff: I knew we forgot something!

mel: yes..sigh..and ohyes! on 12.
I am proud.

Travis: I'm glad you found the ornament

latharia: as did you!

kat: hello. My name is kat and I am a control freak.

Matt: no...didn't want to drink in the morning until I met the boy's mother...

Odat: the powder was mine.

Leighann: my daughter has a bit of the ocd and control stuff from me...and...her favorite color is

Desert Songbird said...

Good for you for bearing it all with your sister. I have a few of those kinds of sisters. Wanna trade?

Your mama can teach me to make a cherry pie - hubby and I both love it!

Misty Dawn said...

I LOVE Cirque Du Soleil! I can't wait to hear all about it! Sounds like your Christmas was great!