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03 December 2007

Manic Monday ~ ship

(MM graphic and so much more from Janna Graphics)

My Monday morning may be more Manic than most. I still hadn’t come up with anything to qualify me as one of Mo’s minions on this week’s Manic Monday theme of “ship”….so I decide just to surf through the blogworld. I fired up my Google Reader and glanced through the day’s posts…read some of the news sites and stopped by Mel’s (go tell her atta girl)…and then back to Reader.

The posts are alphabetically listed by weblog title so the first one is
“A Word In Edgewise” where Jeff B (brother of Gene) is chatting it up about tipping. Jeff is just past being new to the blogworld...but already an established presence….and an excellent writer. Like a direct shot from my brain to my fingertips I rant on in a multi-paragraph comment. Kinda touched a nerve I guess.

Next one on my hit parade is
David at “Authorblog.” Although a published author and photographer this Aussie is actually the Pun King. I am truly touched to see he has honored my “Heads or Tails" from last week as his post of the day. I’m thinking about telling my sister…well…maybe not….

Then I get to
Bagwine Ruminations and smile in anticipation of what MattMan will give me to laugh about today. I am not disappointed and treated to his usual brilliance. Before I realize what I am doing...I have fired off another multi-paragraph rant in the comment section about some typical Santa Cruzian disapproving of me saying “Merry Christmas” There seems to be a pattern developing. I am Manic indeed.

Another browse thru Reader…filled with Manic Monday Ship posts….shit.

Suddenly above my head one of those little old fashion light bulbs goes off…and I remember reading that the
Hawaiian Chieftain is in town. Tall Ship. Big smile. I’m going to the Harbor at lunch. Now...I apologize to all of you who have been posting about ice storms, freezing rain and serious flooding. The local weatherman is saying we got storms a-coming end of the week…but today is just about perfect.

The Hawaiian Chieftain is a working Tall Ship with new fangled contraptions added on. I lucked out as a school group had booked the ship and it had just pulled up to one of the docks. (some of my pictures I’m not posting...because I don’t know these children or their parents.)

The crew looks and dresses like a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean and Haight Ashbury.

(for those of you too young to know Haight Ashbury….check it out…go to the part about the 1960’s)

And…yeah…that’s me and my shadow on the last one. About this time I decide I want to have lunch at The Crow’s Nest….no…not that crow’s nest…

This Crow’s Nest…where I sat outside on the upper deck overlooking the harbor.

Just as I was getting ready to leave…the Hawaiian Chieftain set sail as well…I believe they are heading back to San Francisco later tonight for safety as inclement weather arrives.

My Monday ship-shaped up pretty nicely afterall.


Desert Songbird said...

You have no idea how peaceful these photos made me feel.

I feel all snuggly and warm and fuzzy and....and...


Mimi Lenox said...

What a treat. Your photos are gorgeous, your rambling is logically "Katherine" and your rantings (albeit in comment boxes elsewhere)I'm sure are just as brilliant. I love the way you write, the eye you have through the camera and your honest approach to everything.

Carry on little blog person. You totally rock.

Mel said...

Thanks for the 'atta girl'--but really, it ain't about me. (I know you know that..)



Tall ships......lucky you.

Tall ships AND lunch in the crow's nest.
I'm not envious.
Not one iota.
Not me.

....k..maybe a bit.....

Travis said...

Fantastic. I love tall ships. And I love your weather. It rained here all day. I guess what we got is what you're getting later in the week.

Happy MM you Minion!

Jeff B said...

For someone who started off with bloggers block you sure finished brilliantly.

We may need the Cheiftain up here just to get down the streets if it keeps raining like it has the past couple of days. Eeeesh

Your comments are always welcome, long or short, and thanks for the mention. You are too kind.

Matt-Man said...

Love the pic with the lighthouse in the distance. And your rant yesterday was a work of Christmas Genius. Thanks for the kudos and Cheers!!

Linda said...

Looks like your ship came in right on time for this post! Great pictures and I am so missing California weather right now! I get the feeling it's going to be a long, cold, miserable winter out here if this past weekend was any indication of how things are going to go!

Odat said...

What gorgeous pics.....ah...(we had snow here yesterday)....
Your new pics on the side bar are precioius too!!!

Oswegan said...

Awesome post. I like the update on the blogs and I really liked the photos of the old ship and the commentary. The cross between Haight Ashbury and Pirates of The Carribean. Ha!


Crazy Working Mom said...

I can't seem to get my reader below 300 *Sigh* I'm trying though...

Marilyn said...

It looks so warm there.