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07 November 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ Give Us Peace

I know Peace
Peace of heart which makes you sigh.
Peace of mind that is contentment.
The Peace that transcends understanding.

My life is not always Peaceful.
Too often it is contentious.
And…I have not always been in the right.

Peace can be elusive.

I see it…there…the brass ring….there…just out of my grasp….there….I reach for it frantically….there…while I whirl on this carousal…around and around….there…my fingers clutch and I am wrenched off.

In the dark, I search for Peace as if blind…my fingertips sweeping the air at the radius of my arms…extending…sweeping…until (more often than not) I crack my shin and bruise my knee as I trip over the Peace which was in front of me all the time.

Make it peaceful where you are.
Make peace with those around you.
(I’m not saying agree or acquiesce.)
I am wishing for you common ground to establish peace.

In these days when we say Peace…too often one thinks of War…with the constant coverage and never ending armchair commanders in chief…so….yes…

World Peace
Give Peace a Chance
Let there be Peace on Earth…Let it begin with me.

For my children (who within a few months will all be adults) my heartfelt prayer is that you have Peace.

Peace of Heart
Peace of Mind
Peace of Soul
To breath without anxious thoughts
To recognize you don’t always need what you don’t have
To appreciate the beauty of the small thing
To be grateful for love
To live in a home that is your haven
To have sanctuary for your soul
To be content

Inspired by Mimi Lenox of the weblog MimiWrites …today is the annual Dona Nobis Pacem Blogblast for Peace….a nation wide (almost 50 states) and international (over 30 countries) flying of Peace Globes….hundreds and hundreds of them.

The Peace Globe Phenomena….has made wikipedia (smile)…
surf over and check it out.


Odat said...

Happy Peace Day!!!!! Great Post!

Maggie Moo said...

I love "Let it begin with me"

That's always the heart of peace...and you are such a good mom.

Unknown said...

peace, kathrine!

Schmoop said...

Nice job Kat. Pax Vobiscum and Cheers!!

Travis Cody said...

So many good points here. Nicely done.

Peace to you and yours on this wonderful Peace Globe Day and always.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful post for peace, my globe is up and flying today....Peace to you my friend


Lee Ann aka Dixie said...

Excellent post!!!

Happy Peace Globe Day!!

SMOOCHES (from behind a mask)

Anonymous said...

Peace before us,
peace behind us,
peace under our feet

Peace within us,
peace over us,
let all around us be peace.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Kathrine,

The most powerful invocation of prayer would surely have to be ``Peace on earth, goodwill towards Man''.

Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll?



Mel said...

Peacefilled wishes for you and yours, Katherine....always.

Jeff B said...

I agree with mags comment in regards to your statement "Let it begin with me"

Well put

Marilyn said...

Yay Peace!

Let it begin with each of us. We'll change the world. One blogger at a time.

Desert Songbird said...

Peace begins in the deep corners of an individual's heart. We make the change by being the change.

Thank you so very much for your kind words and props on tonight's Mo Show. I was deeply touched.

Oswegan said...

Seems like true peace starts by moving at a different pace. His pace. This allows one to say no to the things that are not really important.


katherine. said...

Odat: who sends peace EVERY day

mags: thanks. crossing my fingers

lala: and to you

mateo: cheers back my friend

travis: "and always"

bridget: I loved your poem!

katherine. said...

Dixie: no for you.

suzy: thanks for surfing by

david: I would be honored. Thank you.

Mel: heartfelt thanks my friend.

jeff: thanks..and for the mention

marilyn: all these guys.

DS: it was the first one I saw after Mimi's..and it set the tone for me all day!

Oswego: In his time. yep.

Amazing Gracie said...

What a wonderful, tremendously powerful post! Thanks, Katherine.
Words we all need to see and take to heart!

MaR said...

Very powerful post and lovely globe...
here is mine. Peace and love to you and yours.

Anndi said...

Peace starts from the every day things.. the subtle joys of life.

Beautiful post and may you and yours find the Peace they long for, the Peace they need.

Mimi Lenox said...

Katherine - You are a kind and soulful woman. I love your writing.
" I trip over the Peace which was in front of me all the time" - Lovely.

Peace to you and yours always.

Liz Hill said...

Wonderfully written and heartfelt.

thanks for the link to Wiki

Peace sugar