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01 November 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ Thankful

Since November is the month of Thanksgiving….

Thirteen Things I am Thankful For…
…from my childhood.

I am thankful my parents loved me.
I am thankful to be healthy.
I am thankful I was born in the United States of America.
I am thankful I am the oldest.
I am thankful I was raised in the church.
I am thankful I never wanted for the essentials.
I am thankful both my parents were involved.
I am thankful I was taught compassion for those less fortunate.
I am thankful I was taught right and wrong.
I am thankful I was taught dance and music.
I am thankful I knew all four of my Grandparents.
I am thankful I got to see so much of the country.
I am thankful my parents insisted I go to college


Linda said...

That is a very lovely list and great things to be thankful for. Sounds like you had a very nice childhood.

Travis Cody said...

Excellent list.

Schmoop said...

Your list is one that all children should be fortunate to experience. Except for the grandparent thing I know that I did. Cheers Kat!!

Desert Songbird said...

Wonderful list, Katherine. I'm astounded that you knew all four grandparents - how unusual is that, sadly?

Mel said...

Oh, what grand things to be able to proclaim....I do so wish that for all the kiddos on the planet.

Amazing Gracie said...

We could be identical twins except for the dancing part!
It makes me realize again, how very fortunate I am.

Anonymous said...

We are probably all a lot more fortunate that we realize eh?

I'm way behind this week, but LOVE that little pumpkin paper weight - it's darling!

And your newest post said something about winning vodka?? Wha? My kind of contest! hehe